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Referring a Patient

Refer a Patient

How to Refer a Patient

Please e-mail and attach the referral letter, addressed to:

The Medical Director
MERAS Children’s Healthcare
1455 Maryhill Road
G20 9AA
United Kingdom

ALERT! – Scottish Paediatric Independent Network (SPIN)

Although we currently accept self-referrals and referrals from any healthcare professional, in the future we may (depending on patient need/demand and availability of our resources) only accept referrals from independent healthcare practitioners (e.g. private GPs, dentists or therapists) who are registered on the Scottish Paediatric Independent Network (SPIN) – a community that we, as Scotland’s first dedicated children’s medical service in the independent sector, have founded (in an attempt to improve standard of communication between healthcare professionals and thereby quality of care for children in the independent healthcare sector).

The advantages for the Healthcare Professional who registers to go onto the SPIN database are:

  1. That the patient/client footfall may increase as a result of the public awareness of the Healthcare Professional’s services through their entry on the public section of the SPIN database, and the enhanced credibility that such SPIN status shall confer.
  2. Preferential referrals from MERAS Children’s Healthcare.
  3. Smoother communication between MERAS Children’s Healthcare and the Healthcare Professional.
  4. Improved quality of patient care.

SPIN registration is easy, fast and FREE.  Simply complete the form below: